Meet Mr Peter Kemp, Deputy High Commissioner to Singapore, New Zealand, at the Festival of Innovation

By Ming En Liew

Meet the public sector officers who will be speaking at our upcoming Festival of Innovation, 13th – 14th July.

GovInsider’s annual flagship event, the Festival of Innovation, is happening tomorrow! Over the next two days, government speakers and technologists will dive deep into the innovations that have not just kept government agencies afloat, but have helped create ripples of impact across the finance, sustainability, design, and healthcare sectors. The event will be taking place at Raffles City Convention Centre, and will be free for public sector officials.

Look forward to hearing from speakers like Mr Peter Kemp, New Zealand's Deputy High Commissioner to Singapore, who will be sharing on the Untangling the supply chain panel on 14 July. With over a decade of experience in New Zealand's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Kemp will be delving into the challenges facing the supply chain today, and how countries can best collaborate to create resilient supply chains.

Tell us more about you! Which organisation are you from and what do you do?

I am New Zealand’s Deputy High Commissioner to Singapore. I have worked for the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade for the last 12 years.

Can you share the most fulfilling or meaningful project you were involved in recently?

The New Zealand High Commission oversaw a visit to Singapore by NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in April 2022. During the visit, the strategic arrangement between New Zealand and Singapore (the Enhanced Partnership) was refreshed though the addition of green economy/climate change initiatives (including on sustainable aviation and low carbon technology). It was fulfilling to be involved in this green refresh given the pressing need for economies to transition to a low carbon basis.

What is an innovative project in government that you were most excited about this past year? This can be up-and-coming digital tools, or a new way of work that your organisation has implemented.

New Zealand is more than great scenery and friendly people – with a growing digital technologies sector that contributed over NZ$6.6 billion to the New Zealand economy in 2019. I am excited about the potential for further growth in this industry – as outlined in the Draft Digital Technologies Industry Transformation Plan 2022-2032 (

What is a new frontier that you believe governments today should explore further, and how do you think it can change the way governments work or help you better serve citizens?

Perhaps more of an old frontier, but it is important that governments continue to invest time and resource into bilateral and multilateral diplomacy in the context of a changing and more challenging international environment. Building common understanding and fostering cooperation is more critical than ever given that many of the challenges we face can only be resolved through collective action.

What does the government of the future look like to you?

The government of the future should, like today, meet the needs and aspirations of its people.

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by people I meet every day in Singapore – from government officials, researchers, teachers, and businesspeople, through to service industry workers. I am also inspired by Singapore’s diverse range of eating options, which in turn inspires me to try to exercise.

Hear more from Mr Peter Kemp on how governments can create more resilient supply chains to prepare for uncertain times, as well as from other government leaders on how they are pushing the boundaries of innovation at the Festival of Innovation, happening on 13 – 14 July. Register now!