Download: The GovInsider Guide to Secure Data Disposal

By Blancco

GovInsider partners with Blancco to explore how agencies can prevent data breaches while reducing e-waste in this exclusive guide that features infographics, case studies, and insights into secure data disposal.

GovInsider partners with Blancco to explore how agencies can embrace secure data disposal methods that prevent data breaches while reducing e-waste.

In today’s digital world, hard drives and solid-state drives are some of the most common ways in which governments and businesses record information. Yet, even as the threat of critical data breaches looms, the pressing needs of the climate crisis means that agencies are seriously exploring ways to reduce carbon emissions and e-waste, reuse resources, and recycle hardware.


Secure data disposal methods can be key to tackling these twin challenges, helping governments address sustainability goals and secure data practices in one fell swoop. This guide contains insights into how governments across Southeast Asia are managing e-waste, strengthening cybersecurity practices, addressing data governance matters, and what the future of secure data disposal could look like.


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