The Team

GovInsider is a team of writers, developers, government geeks, events producers, and content marketers. We love working with the public sector!

Adrian Sng

Portfolio Director

Adrian is GovInsider’s Director and also the Portfolio director of Clarion Events Asia. Scaling events, communities and businesses to serve the global industry has been Adrian’s calling for over 20 years. In his free time, Adrian loves his business and finance news, cheering his favourite football team Liverpool and suffering from taking part in endurance sports. He holds a master’s degree from the National University of Singapore.

Tyler Lim

Director (Transformation & Strategic Projects)

Tyler is the Director (Transformation & Strategic Projects) at GovInsider. He loves to meet and chat with people from all backgrounds and has deep experience in engagement with both the public and private sector. He spends most of his time “out of the box”, thinking up new and exciting ways to make your transformation projects successful by meshing the digital and physical. He's not just your average suit-and-tie executive, but a master of fun and creativity.

Rane Tan

Partnerships Director

Rane is Partnerships Director at GovInsider. He has spent the last 10 years working closely with Fortune 500, Multi-National Companies and Small Medium Businesses internationally to meet their business objectives through the platform he worked on.

Madeleine Ang

Campaigns Lead

Madeleine is the Campaigns Lead at GovInsider. She is passionate about turning events into unforgettable experiences. She graduated with a degree in Marketing and she enjoys meeting new people. As a true crime enthusiast, she loves delving into mysteries. You can find her sipping coffee and engrossed in her favourite true crime podcasts and documentaries on Netflix.

Jeric Wong

Partnerships Manager

Jeric is Partnerships Manager at GovInsider. He has been working in the technology industry, collaborating with international and local businesses to develop go-to-market strategies and create business development opportunities to meet customers’ needs.

Shu Chiang Yong

Deputy Editor

Shu is Deputy Editor at GovInsider. He studied Journalism at the University of Texas at Austin, and has written for the Straits Times, Business Times, Today, The Peak, 8 Days, Challenge and Singapore. Throughout his career over two decades, he has worked in news and lifestyle reporting, custom publishing and content marketing. Away from work, he volunteers with the Singapore Film Society, runs virtual marathons and is a willing petsitter.

Yogesh Hirdaramani

Senior Reporter and Conference Producer

Yogesh is a Reporter and Conference Producer at GovInsider. He studied Literature at Yale-NUS College. Outside work, he enjoys discussing cult classic television and cinema.

Si Ying Thian

Reporter and Conference Producer

Si Ying is a reporter with GovInsider, with a background in business journalism and conference production. She's also social work-trained and previously practised in the psychiatric healthcare setting. Outside work, she enjoys karaoke and spending time with her feisty feline.

Suresh Kumar

Malaysia-based Senior Conference Producer

Suresh works as a Senior Conference Producer at GovInsider and is particularly interested in improving the way digital transformation programmes are produced to raise awareness. In addition to being a Certified Mental Health First Aider, he likes to travel, take pictures, and write charity blogs.

Marion Paul

Conference Producer

Marion is a Conference Producer with a passion for creating impactful events. With a solid background in event management, she has successfully organized and executed numerous conferences across various industries. She holds a master’s degree in Marketing from University of Malaya, Malaysia.

Mochamad Azhar

Indonesia-based Senior Reporter

Mochamad Azhar is an Indonesia-based Senior Reporter at GovInsider. He studied Sociology at University of Indonesia. He has experience as a journalist for newspapers, online media and television. In his free time, he enjoys exploring Indonesia’s natural beauty with his ADV bike.

Rudy Andersen

Indonesia-based Partnerships Manager

Rudy is Partnerships Manager for Indonesia at GovInsider. He has worked in the event industry for the past 9 years, helping international and local product and solution providers from various sectors to network with businesses, governments, and associations.

Woo Hoi Yuet

Singapore-based Contributor

Hoi Yuet is a Singapore-based Contributor at GovInsider. She is currently studying in Yale-NUS, planning to major in Urban Studies or Environmental Studies. Eating comfort food, taking care of the school’s farm, and looking at cats bring her great joy.

Stania Puspawardhani

Indonesia-based Contributor

Stania Puspawardhani is Jakarta-based contributor at Govinsider. She’s a PhD candidate in Natural Resources and Environmental Management Sciences at IPB University, Indonesia. She has over 17 years of working experience in journalism, international relations, and environmental affairs.

Samantha Lim

Marketing Manager

Samantha is a Marketing Manager at GovInsider. She has experience in the tech space and has successfully ran digital campaigns and events. In her free time, she is often looking for the next documentary to watch.

Serene Lim

Marketing Executive

Serene is a Marketing Executive at GovInsider. With a background in Psychology and human behavior, she designs captivating event experiences that resonate with audiences. Outside of work, she is an avid enthusiast who finds inspiration in the great outdoors.

Sheila Dorarajoo

Head of Delegate Sales

Sheila is the Head of Delegate Sales in GovInsider. With over 10 years in delegate acquisition, she brings a wealth of experience to her role as Head of Delegate Sales. In her spare time, Sheila is an avid traveler and has visited over 30 countries, always seeking inspiration from different cultures and thus growing more as an individual.

Tosca Jaymalin

Project Manager

Tosca Jaymalin is a Project Manager-Delegate Relations at GovInsider. She has 2 years of experience in delegate acquisition for international events. And 12 years of experience in customer service industry.

Annabelle Ooi

Operations Director

Annabelle is operations director for GovInsider’s events. She has been managing events, exhibitions and conferences for the last seven years.

Richard Ireland

Managing Director of Clarion Events Asia

Richard is GovInsider’s honorary publisher, and the managing director of Clarion Events Asia. He is a master’s graduate from the University of Sydney, and has been involved in business media and events for the past 20 years.