Futian District, Shenzhen: A success story of urban governance with AI

By Huawei

A central business district (CBD) in Shenzhen, China, is rising up as a shining beacon for digital governance in the region through integration of AI and civic engagement, with the support of Huawei.

Futian District is Shenzhen's centre of administration, finance, culture, trade, and international exchange. It has the highest population density and business value in Shenzhen. Image: iStock

At the 2022 Smart City World Congress, Futian was awarded the “Economy Award” as part of the World Smart City Awards (China Region). Its secret sauce? AI and digital twins, both of which are helping the region develop its digital economy, government, livelihoods and ecosystem. 


In April 2022, for instance, Futian officially launched the "Intelligent City Governance for Quick Public Opinion Handling" platform, which is helping the district government receive and handle public demands.


On the platform, citizens can submit questions, complaints, opinions, and suggestions or ask for help via multiple channels. The platform then enables the government to quickly respond to the general public, handle requests efficiently and provide timely feedback.

The "Intelligent City Governance for Quick Public Opinion Handling" app rolled out by the Futian government allows them to more efficiently handle citizens' questions and feedback. Image: Huawei

This new public opinion platform is key to optimising Futian’s governance, says Luo Gengbiao, Director of the Futian District Government Service Data Administration Bureau. 


The platform uses AI to offer several key features, including the de-duplication of events across all channels, and distribution of E2E services. It also serves as an "intelligent brain" for efficient urban governance and operations.

Exploring transformation with AI


The AI Hub is at the core of Futian’s transformation, helping it build a digital twin of the city, intelligent sensors and smart applications, all of which is part of its vision to become an exampler of what a Digital China should look like.


The AI platform provides intelligent computing, analysis, and digital services for various departments. It supports multi-scenario applications such as intelligent video discovery, grid patrol, and quick public opinion handling. With the platform, Futian has managed to increase their incident distribution efficiency from 4 minutes per enquiry to 50 seconds per enquiry, and the accuracy of intelligent distribution has reached 90 per cent.


Additionally, Futian is building a digital twin that allows the city to integrate 2D and 3D spatial data as well as government data through high-precision 3D city modelling. This helps it overcome a common concern faced by many cities: the lack of convergence and optimisation between various types of data. 


With the “Digital Twin Futian” platform, the organisation is able to provide unified service support for computer-integrated manufacturing (CIM) applications, which is when the manufacturing process is controlled by computers or automated. The platform enables the digitisation of information collected from city service digitalisation and the visualisation of urban operations in real time, driving collaborative and intelligent management and decision making.


The future of urban digitalisation


In addition to Intelligent City Governance, Futian's AI hub also promotes the evolution of other smart applications:


"One Screen City 360": Data across all urban elements is aggregated and displayed on one screen. Futian sorts these indicators into five fields across 10 major topics, connecting 10 portals of streets and functional departments for an overall view of the operational situation across the entire district, explains Gao Zeng, Deputy Director of the Futian District Government Service Data Administration Bureau. This platform also makes it easier for multiple departments to collaborate on daily management and in emergencies, helping make data-driven decisions.


"One-Workspace" for public officials: Futian capitalises on the services provided by the provincial platform to integrate services, data, and operations. It interconnects services with provincial and municipal platforms, exchanges and shares data, and enables user authentication. These processes optimise and integrate government service platforms, making the work of public officials more efficient. 


"One-Stop Service" for residents and businesses: Futian has set up a mechanism to securely share government credit information, evaluate commitments, and provide instant mobile approvals when possible. Residents and businesses can save time when accessing these public services. 

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