How agencies can scale decarbonisation solutions - Festival of Innovation 2022

By Luke Cavanaugh

At the Festival of Innovation 2022, GovInsider gathered public sector speakers and technologists to discuss key government challenges and opportunities that await public sector agencies in the coming years.

At the How government agencies can decarbonise panel, panelists explored how government agencies can cut their carbon emissions. This includes adopting renewable energy, using sustainable building materials or ‘greening’ technology.

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Speakers at this panel include:

Dr Ng Wai Kiong, Deputy Executive Director, Institute of Sustainability for Chemicals, Energy and Environment, A*STAR

Mr Syed Mubarak, Vice president - Substainability & Technology @ EPS (S) Pte Ltd, Singapore

Dr Sangmin Nam, Director, Environment and Development Division of UNESCAP

Ms Genevieve Ding, Head of Sustainability Policy Strategy, APAC and Japan, Amazon Web Services

Moderated by Junice Yeo, Executive Director, Eco-Business